Julius Randle Jersey

Former Los Angeles Laker Julius Randle can take the New Orleans Pelicans to new heights this season.

Bringing in Julius Randle was such an underrated signing from this past offseason. The kid can get you 20 points, 10, rebounds and five assists on any given night without ever running a play for him; this is the kind of guy the New Orleans Pelicans need at the moment.

Since breaking his leg opening night of his NBA career, Julius Randle has methodically improved his game each season, little by little adding new tweaks. Being drafted for his ” bull in a china shop ” mentality, Randle has added respectable midrange and three-point shots, while improving on his passing skills.

Playing with Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis, there will not be many sets designed for Julius, and if we are being frank, he is not that kind of player. Randle will not do very well-being isolated five to ten times a game on the wing expecting to get a basket. The primary offensive weapon he has is ” bully ball,” which is physically tolling and easy to stop with schematic preparation.

Julius is perfect to play off Davis and Holiday as a complimentary piece. Grabbing offensive rebounds, getting the defensive board and pushing the pace, or just being a solid screen setter are all skills Julius naturally possesses. Randle can get by at center for the Pelicans as well, which cuts down on the wear and tear Anthony Davis would absorb trying to bang with centers down low.

The one knock has been that Randle will occasionally get ” tunnel vision,” meaning he can become too focused on the basket when attacking, as opposed to attacking and reacting to the defense. This can cause him to force up bad shots, or miss open opportunities to hit a teammate for a nice pass. With Davis, Holiday and Elfrid Payton on top of ball-handling duties, this should diminish the chances Randle has to force the action.

The former Kentucky WildCat stand out is in the perfect position for his career growth. Julius has to continue the pace he is on while doing his best to stay healthy, if he can do this, there might be a nice contract in store when his two-year deal is up.